Elite League

A league, shows your rank in Fun Run 2. There are 6 different leagues. If you finish the week in 41th - 50th place, you will be demoted (except Wood, Bronze and Elite League). The players are sorted by their ratings in the weekly list.There are different ranks in every league. You get prizes by these ranks;

Rank Places
I 1st place
II 2nd - 4th places
III 5th - 10th places
IV 11th - 20th places
V 21st - 50th places


  • Wood League: When you create a new account, you start the game as a Wood League player. After you play a game in Wood League and win, you will be promoted to Bronze League.
  • Bronze League: If you gain 200 rating in a week, you will be promoted to Silver League from Bronze League. Bronze League players are usually starters.
  • Silver League: This is the league which has the most players. Some of its players are starters, some of them are retired pros, some of them are moderate players. If you gain 4000 rating in a week, you will be promoted to Gold League.
  • Gold League: Gold league players are usually experienced players. If you gain 10000 rating in a week, you will be promoted to Diamond League.
  • Diamond League: This league has usually talented and experienced players. You should be an active player to stay above the demotion line in Diamond League.
  • Elite League This league has top players of Diamond League in a week and everyone can see the weekly Elite League list.

League PrizesEdit

You get league prizes when you finish the league. You get the prizes by your league and rank in weekly list.


League I II III IV V
Bronze League 300 Coins 200 Coins 150 Coins 100 Coins 50 Coins
Silver League 8 Gems 5 Gems 3 Gems 2 Gems 400 Coins
Gold League 50 Gems 25 Gems 12 Gems 10 Gems 800 Coins
Diamond League 200 Gems 100 Gems 75 Gems 60 Gems 5,000 Coins
Elite League Golden Fox - Diamond Necklace - 1,500 Gems Emerald Necklace - 800 Gems Golden Necklace - 600 Gems Silver Necklace - 400 Gems Bronze Necklace - 250 Gems