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Clans were introduced in v3.0 of the game. You can now create and join clans. Playing games while in a clan also gives the clan rating and stats.

Clans compete with each other on a new leaderboard which resets every two weeks.

Clan members can chat with each other using the new Clan Chat.

From v3.3, clans that win a season will get a star by their name in the ranking screen. More wins give more stars.

The clan that won the last season will temporarily get a special border for their clan emblem. The clan keeps the border until a new clan wins a season.

From v3.4.1, clan leaders can set their clans to be "open" or "invite only". Existing clans will be "Invite Only" by default.

Open clans can have a league requirement to join, e.g. Gold or higher.

Details about Clans

  • Only 2v2 and quick play mode add rating and stats to the clan. Playing friendly games (even with other clan members) do not add rating or stats to the clan.
  • If you play 2v2 mode with another clan members the clan gets 25% extra rating.
  • A clan can have a maximum of 50 members. The clan founder is the "Leader" and can promote other players to "Recruiter" (v3.3) or "Officer" who can then send invites to their friends or other players to join the clan.
  • A Recruiter can only recruit a member while an Officer can also kick other members. An Officer can't however, kick another Officer (v3.3).
  • If you are a Leader of a clan and promote a clan member to "Leader", you will lose the Leader position.
  • All clans unlock rewards when the list resets. Better rank means better rewards! For a list of all clan rewards, please check Shop.
  • There are 2 different types of clans: "Invite Only" and "Public" (v3.4). To join an "Invite Only" clan, you should get an invite from the leader or one of the recruiters and officers. To join a "Public" clan, you must be in required or higher league.