Fun Run 2 Wiki

Bonus races are races with twists to it. The two additions to a bonus race that will be present no matter what are:

  • Ratings for everyone (all players will get more ratings regardless of their position in the end)
  • Bonus coins (more coins for all)

The third bonus slot can vary. The ones that I have encountered are:

  • Zombies: All players will appear as zombies and only rifle power-up is available
  • Magnets: Only magnet power-up is available
  • Big heads: All player's head size will increase, but I'm not sure if this will have any effect on the speed of the players.
  • Small animals: All player's avatar size will decrease, but trap sizes and power-up sizes remain constant. Players' running speed will increase.
  • Sawblades: Only sawblade power-up is available.