Fun Run 2 Wiki


2v2 is a new race mode introduced in v3.0 of the game. 2v2 is a new way to play with friends or Clan members. Invite someone and play versus two other players.

Teammates share the rating gained at the end of a match. And this rating counts towards league standings as well.

If you play 2v2 with a member of your clan, the clan gets an extra 25% bonus rating.

Details for 2v2:

  • Since the rating is shared, try NOT to kill your teammate. If your teammate loses (comes in 3rd or 4th), you lose rating too. So work together and try to gain 1st and 2nd positions.
  • Coming 2nd in the race counts as a loss, even if your teammate is 1st. So your win% will drop but you will still gain rating.
  • The ratings are shared in 2v2 mode. However, unlike normal race mode the 1st player in 2v2 mode gains 19 rating, instead of 15. So if you and your teammate are in 1st and 2nd you will gain a total of 24 rating (19 for 1st + 5 for 2nd). This rating will be divided between both the players, so both will get 12 rating.
  • After both players have received the rating, bonus rating will be added if you beat higher league players.

Rating Table:

Player Positions Rating for P1 Rating for P2 Total Rating Individual Rating
1 and 2 19 5 24 12
1 and 3 19 -5 14 7
1 and 4 19 -15 4 2
2 and 3 5 -5 0 0
2 and 4 5 -15 -10 -5
3 and 4 -5 -15 -20 -10